Getting started

AWS saving package is implemented for deploying a lambda that you can invoke for stopping, deleting or starting each RDS, EC2, bucket, Sagemaker domain and Stack instance.

The goal is to implement this package for each AWS service can stop, delete and start its instances.

It is part of the educational repositories to learn how to write stardard code and common uses of the TDD.


You can use Serverless framework for deploying the lambda function: if you want to use the guide below, you have to install Serverless framework before

npm install -g serverless

If you want to use another AWS tool, you can see the repository aws-tool-comparison before to implement your version.


The package is not self-consistent. So you have to download the package by github and to install the requirements before to deploy on AWS:

git clone
cd aws-saving/
pip3 install --upgrade -r requirements.txt
npm install
export AWS_PROFILE=your-account
SLS_DEBUG=* sls deploy --stage production

Or if you want to use this package into your code, you can install by python3-pip:

pip3 install aws_saving
>>> import aws_saving.saving as Saving
>>> help(Saving)

Read the documentation on readthedocs for

  • Usage
  • Development

Change Log

See for details.


This package is released under the MIT license. See LICENSE for details.